September 19, 2017

Interested in Volunteering?

CNU Cascadia is looking for members who are interested in becoming more involved.  Our chapter is growing and we would love your assistance with:

  • Organizing local tours, salons, and other events
  • Writing content for our website and discussion groups
  • Helping the chapter to develop partnerships with other organizations
  • Managing the chapter’s day-to-day activities

Volunteering with the chapter is a great way to meet local architects, planners, developers, and others who share your interests. Please email us for more information if you would like to help the chapter grow and promote New Urbanism.



  1. Denise Johns says:

    I am new to Washington State and am a landscape architect employed in a small municipality as its project manager. My work aligns with CNU principals and I would like to be in contact with others working in small town environments. The City and I need help in learning resources available to us for planning and funding. Thanks for including me as a volunteer to sponsor or host discussions, provide written content or other.